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Throughout his 18 years in IT, Chad DeRocher met and spoke with many business owners from various vertical markets who had similar challenges and pain points. The one that stood out to him the most was that business owners wanted an IT provider who truly cared about their business needs as much as they did and who would take the time to be there when needed and get to know their business model. 

Chad knew it was a simple concept and wondered why more companies weren’t doing it. He knew that he could solve this challenge for business owners and build relationships to bring back the people factor by providing outstanding customer service in the IT industry. He knew the only way he could do this, though, was to start his own company. This led to the formation of TNT Cyber Solutions. Each letter in the TNT abbreviation represents one of Chad’s children. From the start, TNT was committed to being totally transparent and communicating and collaborating with their clients in the best way possible. Chad and his team experienced firsthand what they could accomplish by building workflows and automation while building, creating, and managing the company based on Chad’s initial vision.

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