Cloud+ Services

What is Cloud+ Services?

Cloud services facilitate the flow of user data from front-end clients (e.g., users’ servers, tablets, desktops, laptops—anything on the users’ ends), through the internet, to the provider’s systems, and back. Cloud services promote the building of cloud-native applications and the flexibility of working in the cloud. Users can access cloud services with nothing more than a computer, operating system, and internet connectivity.

TNT cyber solution Engineers

Our engineers support complex systems in mission-critical dev, production, and disaster recovery environments for customers nationwide.

Cost Effective Deployments

Access a robust, secure, redundant infrastructure without a significant upfront investment, enabling you to treat your network environment as an operating expense.

Customized Plans

Create a unique SLA that meets your exact requirements and is supported, backed up and recoverable so your business is protected 24×7.

24/7 Online Access and Support

Our customer portal allows for 24/7 monitoring of systems, resources, and data along with access to support requests and reporting services.

A La Carte Offerings

Access Control and Video Solutions

We are able to custom design, install, and service seamlessly integrated access control solutions for a wide range of verticals and industries. Access control systems come in a variety of technologies with varying degrees of security like high-frequency contact less and mobile to cybersecurity and locking hardware. Knowing the vulnerabilities to each is important when it comes to handling identity data and credentials. We partner with the best equipment manufacturers and software developers to ensure what you want secured stays secure, all to provide the best possible custom solution for your organization. Our services include:

> Business continuity planning and solutions
> Real-time operations center solutions
> Technical surveillance countermeasures
> Threat vulnerability assessments

Our knowledgeable staff delivers superior quality support.

HIPAA Compliance Solutions

TNT Cyber Solutions helps healthcare organizations maintain compliance with HIPAA/HITECH security standards for the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI). We have solutions for private and public clouds as well as on-prem environments. If you’re a SaaS software developer or MSP serving the healthcare industry, our managed clouds and private hosted clouds can help you offer HIPAA and HITECH compliant cloud-based solutions to your customers as well.

Industry Leaders in HIPAA Compliant Cloud Solutions

Advanced HIPAA & HITRUST compliance services help you safeguard your PHI data on-premises and in the cloud.

Private Hosted Clouds

For organizations that require the highest levels of performance, we offer dedicated cloud-based IT resources housed in one of our SOC 2 certified data centers. We can host your X86 workloads in a VMware vSphere environment hardware, making it easy to securely migrate even legacy workloads to the cloud while minimizing disruptions to your business.

Compliant Public Clouds

We can help you leverage the scalability of public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP, without compromising security and compliance. We’ll configure your public cloud environment for HIPAA and HITECH and then migrate your workloads. Once in the cloud, we can also help you manage your public cloud environments for potential compliance issues as well as performance and cost-optimization.

Remote Management

We can remotely monitor your legacy, on-premises workloads 24/ 7 for potential compliance issues and help you minimize time to remediation. Our expert staff can also provide additional system administration and IT Security assistance on a temporary basis or longer-term as needed. And, when you’re ready, we’ll help you put together a migration plan that keeps your data secure and compliant every step of the way. Benefits of this service include:

  • Improve uptime and reliability for your on-premises workloads with 24/7 monitoring, alerts, and escalation. As problems occur, the team of experienced TNT technicians will escalate those to your staff using customer escalation policies and procedures so you can avoid costly outages and business disruptions.
  • Industry-leading SLAs and support
  • Lower costs than hiring an administration staff. Your internal IT staff will be able to focus more on work that drives your company’s growth while you can rest easy knowing your network is being supported by the talented engineers at TNT.
No-Hassle Business Associate Agreements

We’ll help you comply with the HIPPA/HITECH privacy rules by entering into a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) directly with you. If you’re housing your workloads in a public/hyperscale cloud, our staff can assist you in getting a signed BAA with Microsoft, AWS, or Google as well.

Independently Validated for Compliance

Our world-class data centers and hosting services undergo annual, independent 3rd party assessments to validate our 100% HIPAA/HITECH compliance. Our data centers also go through testing for other regulations such as SOC 2, ISO, and PCI, so you can be confident in the security and privacy of your data.

Thorough Audit Preparation

Ensuring compliance is a team effort, and our compliance experts are there to help you conduct your own annual HIPPA/HITECH compliance assessments. In the event you get audited, we can also help you proactively prepare, minimizing the stress on your team, protecting your productivity, and helping you ensure a successful outcome.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

TNT Cyber Solutions Disaster Recovery solutions designed to meet your exact RTO & RPO requirements, with end-to-end implementation service, support, and monitoring from our 24×7 command center.

Did you know?  

Only 42% of executives are confident their organization could recover from a major cyber event without impacting their business. Yet 96% of organizations with a disaster recovery plan achieve full recovery.


What is DRaaS?

Disaster Recovery as a Service is the replication and hosting of physical or virtual servers to the cloud (including the data and applications running on them) by a commercial hosting provider to enable failover of your primary systems, within a defined time period, in the event of man-made or natural disaster.


Three important things to consider when developing a Disaster Recovery strategy:

Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

Network connectivity from your users to the applications now running in your DR environment(s)


Secure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

TNT Cyber Solutions has proven DRaaS solutions which can be mixed and matched as needed, to address various RTO & RPO requirements. All options include complete implementations from TNT Cyber Solutions skilled engineers, as well as 24×7 continuous monitoring, annual failover testing, and full 24×7 support 

  • Enterprise Disaster Recovery
  • Virtualized Disaster Recovery
  • Bare Metal Disaster Recovery
  • Public Hyper-Scale Cloud Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery

Preparation will speed up the process for any recovery time after a disaster and restore faith and trust with your clients and customers. Treating, implementing, and maintaining a total business recovery plan can be time-consuming, but it is extremely important to ensure your business’s survival. Many organizations don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to this process. Finding skilled staff and maintaining 24/7 services can prove to be a challenge as well. This is why customers turn to hosting providers such as TNT Cyber Solutions to leverage their infrastructure and be geographically dispersed.

No matter the type of disaster you are preparing for or where your current data center is located, we can help choose the solution that best meets your RTO and RPO requirements.


TNT Cyber Solutions Disaster Recovery Services

Customer Defined Recovery Targets

A customized, appropriate environment to accomplish your requirements will be created for you.


Data Migration & Data Replication

We offer a full suite of data migration options starting with backup tape restore all the way to real-time data replication. This provides for near real-time replication at a fraction of the cost.


Network Services

We provide an advanced, fully meshed network infrastructure to integrate your IT environment into our data centers quickly and cost effectively.